NBA 2K16: Locker Codes, Updates, and Patch Released for January

NBA 2K16 Has just been for a while, and is developed by  Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports.

nba 2k16 locker codes

It was released last September 29, 2015 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One,Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3.

Like many games, there are lots of updates to make the gameplay better. They have just released the latest roster update.

According to Attack of the Fanboy

These are the players that have increased their rating: “Kevin Durant +1 (93), John Wall +1 (90). Draymond Green +2 (89). Chris Paul +1 (89), Andre Drummond +1 (88), DeMarcus Cousins +1 (88), Jimmy Butler +2 (88), Carmelo Anthony +1 (87), Dwyane Wade +1 (86), DeMar DeRozan +1 (86), Pau Gasol +1 (86), Chris Bosh +1 (85), Nikola Vucevic +1 (84), Reggie Jackson +1 (84), Karl-Anthony Towns +1 (83), Kemba Walker +2 (83), Gordon Hayward +1 (82), Avery Bradley +1 (81), Manu Ginobili +1 (81), J.J. Redick +1 (80) and Kobe Bryant +1 (78)

These are the players that had their rating decrease: “Tim Duncan -2 (83), C.J. McCollum -1 (82), Marc Gasol -2 (82), Rudy Gay -1 (81) and Andrew Wiggins -1 (80)”

It’s interesting to note that 2K Games made far more changes to its roster than EA Sports did in NBA Live 16. It goes to show how thorough and dedicated 2K Games is with its NBA 2K franchise. Either that or 2K is more strict in terms of how it rates its players.

More news will be posted on the locker codes website:


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